Hello beautiful people of world wide web,

hopefully you’ve all had as wonderful of a start to this week as I have, I’ve been waiting anxiously for about a week now to put up tonight’s post, so I’m super excited to jump right in!

Tonight we’re taking it back and talking about how to incorporate a little old school style into your everyday outfit! In case you didn’t catch on yet, I chose to focus on a little more of a nineties- Clueless, Clarissa Explains It All, Spice Girls- style, because let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t want to feel like posh spice on the daily?

For this look I chose to pair up a few of the huge trends right now to make a new-again, 90s inspired outfit. Let’s start at the top; everyone knows crop tops are really “in” right now and, honestly, at first I was a bit hesitant to embrace this trend on grounds of 1.) modesty and 2.) flattery, but I was shopping one day and decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and try this top on and guess what? I loved it! It’s something I wouldn’t normally wear, but it was flattering and didn’t show too much skin, so I was in! *Side note: that’s what style is all about- taking trends you love and fitting them to you! Back to the outfit: I decided to pair the top with a black  pleather skater-style, circle skirt (thanks to the assistance of my lovely friend at Nordstrom, Bonnie Blood) which is very reminiscent of the 90s to add just a little more “ummph.” Last, but certainly not least, I  tossed in a little touch of sporty spice by finishing off the whole look with some Nike Dunk Sky Hi’s (AHHHH I know, crazy)! See, this is where the whole “the Bolder the Better” thing comes in, I’ve been wanting some of these for quite a while and never thought I was the kind of gal who could rock a pair of wedge sneakers, butttt when I tried ’em on at the store, I fell in love. Aaand then when I asked my best friend her thoughts and she said, “I love them, you have to get them! Remember the bolder the better?” (yep, she used my own words back on me) and I was sold! For me this outfit was quite a big risk, I tried a few things out of my comfort zone and made it into a 90s inspired outfit (which is really out of my comfort zone). I usually don’t lean towards that style, I’m more of a sixties and seventies kind of girl, but since it’s something that’s been really big lately I figured I’d try it, and even though I felt a little “fish out of water” for a while in it, I ended up loving it!

So to all of you out there reading this, I encourage you to try something that isn’t “your style” or something you would never wear, and wear it. And make it your style, because here’s the fact of the matter: we are not limited to what we  think we are. The only person that can put you in a box is yourself. So, get outside of the box, think outside of the box, live outside of the box and, heck, wear something out of the box. Boom.

stay golden and be beautiful,