What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

Hello hello and happy Saturday lovelies!
Guess, what it’s the freakin’ weekend and we’re about to have us some fun!

As promised,  this week I am officially starting the newest series called, “She Cleans Up Nice”. This will be a separate series away from my usual fashion post and I’m so stoked that it’s finally happening! This is something that I’m so excited about because it’s a place where I get to highlight one amazing lady each month whom, I believe, “cleans up nice.” Now, if you’ve read the backbone of the blog you know that the definition of “cleans up nice” has a lot more to it than simply “being stylish”, to make it easy, here’s a list of just what exactly that “a lot more” is:

A woman who truly embodies the spirit of She Cleans Up Nice is a woman who. . .

1.) is confident and comfortable in her own skin and style

2.) holds steadfast in her true beauty and identity in Christ

3.) honors her body by caring for it spiritually, emotionally and physically

4.) loves others fiercely and whole heartedly

5.) and last, but certainly not least, leaves everyone she meets a little bit more lovely than when she found them.

To kick off this new series I chose someone who I believe has all of these qualities and more. So, without further adieu (drum roll please) here’s our very first “She Cleans Up Nice” Lady of the Month, Laura Cook!

Laura is such a genuine and kind-hearted woman and I have been so honored to meet her and become so close with her! She radiates joy and beauty on a daily basis and encourages and loves others with the most sincere of intentions and a heart of gold. You would think with looks like hers she should always be in front of the camera, but more often than not, you’ll find her behind it. Her talent and passion for photography are undeniable and I’ve been lucky enough to have her take on the role of my photographer for the last two posts and more to come (isn’t she amazing)! Now all that alone makes her quite the powerhouse, but then add amazing style on top of all that and you’ll start to realize how ridiculously cool she really is! Take this outfit for example- I told her to wear something she thought best represented her personal style and she showed up in this stellar ensemble. . . and I could not have loved it more! Everything about it from the laid back boyfriend jeans and brown booties to the flirty printed shirt and the way it’s tucked in, it’s perfection. Then add the red hat (I’m a sucker for hats) and the long necklace on top and the outfit takes on this really cool, vintage vibe. My favorite part of this look though, is that it represents Laura’s personality and anthropology-meets-J.Crew style to a tee. She’s laid back, fun, charming and sweet and that’s exactly what this look says. If you ask me I’d say “She cleans up nice!”

stay golden and be beautiful,