Boy Meets World: Varsity Hues

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! This week instead of doing the traditional throwback we’re taking an old school piece and remaking it! So, that’s right, move over fellas because football isn’t just for the boys anymore. This season we’re taking a cue from the quarterback and the head cheerleader by rocking a varsity jacket. Okay, okay, I promise to stop with the football puns. . . maybe.

Now I don’t know about you- maybe it’s the school spirit still pumping through my veins from Midnight Madness (see pictures below) or perhaps it’s the fact that I will literally take any opportunity I can to make people think I’m more athletic than I truly am- but lately I’ve been all about adding some tomboy touches to my style — enter the varsity jacket.

Maybe I’ve watched “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” one too many times, but if you ask me, there’s something about a varsity jacket that makes everyone around it and anyone wearing it seem cooler than they probably are. The varsity jacket’s iconic image brings a sort of nostalgic memory to mind no matter what you pair with it, and that image usually oozes “cool.” (Point and case below).

Think Danny Zuko at the end of “Grease,” Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski in “Saved By the Bell” and Finn Hudson in “Glee.” There’s a legacy to the varsity jacket. As soon as you put it on, no matter how hard you try to fight it, you start to feel it. The jacket makes you feel as though either you run the school or you’re dating the guy who does and let me tell ya, both of those feelings put a little more sass in your step.

You can pair a varsity jacket with tons of different bottoms to create different looks. For example: If you want the “this is my dad’s vintage letterman from when he was the starting quarterback in ‘83,” then pair it with a white t-shirt, jeans — preferably high waisted for the old school look — and Chucks.

On the other hand if you tend to have a girlier style, like myself, and lean towards the clichéd “I’m head of the cheer team and my highschool sweetheart is the varsity quarterback,” then you can wear the letterman differently. Swap out the jeans for a skater skirt — it’s a lot girlier than it sounds — keep the white tee or wear a button up instead and stick with the Chucks or opt for Keds. Instantly, those small changes transform the look from A.C. Slater before a wrestling match to Sandy Olsen before the Rydell High pep rally.

The idea of this look is to get the boyish, sporty feel without the boyish body. As a whole, keep in mind that the best combination to make a varsity jacket flattering on a female’s body is to pair it with a fitted bottom, that doesn’t mean they have to be skin tight, but anything that brings the eyeline back in from the jacket works well! Great options that fit this criteria are a circle skirt, banded skirt or skater skirt for the girlier look and skinny jeans or high waisted shorts for a more tomboy feel. These looks each allow you to show off your silhouette even with a giant jacket on.

And we can’t forget the finishing touches, generally, when the statement piece is as bulky as this you don’t want to add too much extra because it starts to seem too heavy. But throwing on a simple silver ring or bracelet with some red lipstick (here’s the one I’m wearing) can never hurt.

Now that’s all I’ve got for this week’s Throwback Thursday- but before I go, I’ve got to slip in at least one more football pun so, to all my rowdy friends- in the words of Hank Williams Jr.- I just have to ask: “Are you ready for some football?”

stay golden and be beautiful,