Howdy everyone and happy Monday!

How are you? I hope well! I just got back from Spring Break in Mexico and it was incredible. My mom and I went together to the La Paloma Beach Resort in Rosarito, Mexico and it was by far the best Spring Break I’ve ever been on. We went four-wheeling, rode horses on the beach, watched more movies than I can remember, ate the best tacos in the world and, of course, tanned. I still can’t believe it’s already over and I’m back at school – I wish I was still laying in the Mexican sun, drinking a virgin margarita by the pool, but alas I am here. So, in an effort to ease the pain I’ve decided to finally post the photos from my “pre-spring-break” mini break from last month in Palm Springs and pretend I’m still there taking photos of giant dinosaurs with my best friend instead of at my desk, in my dorm room, doing homework.

Even though it was a month ago, it was so good to see my bestie, relax, catch up, catch some rays and shoot some fun photos! We always have the best time together and she takes the most amazing pictures so we knew we wanted to get some good ones I could use for a post while we were together. Since neither of us had ever gone we decided to go to the Cabazon Dinosaur Museum and take photos there. It’s right by Palm Springs, it has massive dinosaurs, it’s freaking awesome and it gave me the perfect excuse to wear my Indiana Jones hat in public (what more could you want?)!

I got this hat at Nordstrom a few months back and I just love it! Hats used to be something that scared me, but now I just see them as another way to add personality to an outfit. This one specifically, is perfect for adventuring and feeling like an overall badass; plus putting it with a jean shirt ups the adventure-ante even more. The only trick is to not wear any khaki or army green with it. Even though it seems like it would work, it doesn’t. Real quickly, you start to look more like the Disneyland operator working the Indiana Jones ride than Indi himself.

Basically the entire time we spent at Cabazon, Maddie and I are were just nerding out and having a blast frolicking around in dino heaven. We pretended to hold hands with velociraptor and “ran away” from a stationary Tyrannosaurs Rex. Plus, we sat in the mouth of Mr. Rex, the three-story T-Rex replica! Overall, the trip was amazing  and the pictures we got are some of my favorites we’ve ever taken!

I’ll have more pictures from my Mexican Spring-Break adventures soon, but this should tide me over for today! I hope you all have a fantastic week filled with lots of fun times with friends, family and if you can, dinosaurs!

stay golden and be beautiful,



hat: $20 from Nordstrom B.P. similar one here

jean shirt: $16 from Target, similar one here

jean shorts: $9.99 BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters cut into shorts, similar ones here