Hello beautiful people and may I extend my immediate apologies for both being MIA so long and for also instantly using a a lame pun upon my return. In a futile attempt to relive the days in which I was not working a 40 hour week and my best friend was by my side instead of in France, today I’m posting some photos from what quickly became my favorite hike I’ve ever done! A few weeks ago Maddie and I decided to go on a random Tuesday evening hike up to Angel’s Rest at the Columbia River Gorge. Guys, it was stunning. And hard. Or maybe we’re just out of shape? It really could be either-or, but one thing is for sure and that’s that Oregon is breathtaking and this hike is outrageous. Seriously, I dare you to look at these pictures and not to be mesmerized by the glory of creation. Impossible.

Originally, we thought it was going to be this quick little hike over a hill, uhh SIKE. It took us right around two hours to get to the very tippy-top, but dang was it worth it. It may have been our poor planning, or perhaps the over-estimation of our athleticism, but either way it worked in our favor and we arrived at the top right during the peak of golden hour! When we got to the top I could not believe how outrageous the view was, it’s basically a 360º with the Gorge on one side and the trees and the mountain on the other. The only downside to the fact that we go to experience sunset on the top of a mountain is we also experienced the sun go down on our way back. Not our smartest idea ever. We were racing back so fast trying to not be caught in the woods at night that it only took us a half hour to get all the way back down HAH!

P.S. just a few pointers for those of you out there who are going sunset hiking anytime soon: 1. bring a flashlight, not just your dying iPhone, 2. if you’re pretending to be a hardcore, kick-ass, professional hiker, who could definitely beat up anyone who tried to kidnap you or your friend, don’t wear an entirely neon pink ensemble, 3. If you want to not draw attention to you and your best friend (two, 20 year old, giggly girls) in the dark woods at night alone, don’t wear an entirely pink neon ensemble. Basically, what it sounds like I’m saying is, “don’t wear all neon pink to hike a mountain”- but let’s be honest, you and I both know I’m bound to break that rule sometime or another (especially when it means I get to wear my favorite Lulu Lemon jacket and Nikes) so I guess next time I’ll just do better at time-management.

In the end, though, we lived to tell about it and I wouldn’t have traded the view or the company for the world! The hike was killer, the memories are stellar and the pictures are some of my favorites! Andd I even got to take some of Mads this time, ain’t she a babe? I just adore these photos of her because she’s so in her element, I don’t even think she knew I was taking a few of them and they turned out stunning! I think Maddie is one of my favorite people to adventure with because she’s always so captivated by what’s around her and on top of that, she can capture it better than anyone else I know. Also, she doesn’t judge me when I think I may be going into cardiac-arrest one-third of the way through a hike and that’s a true friend and good hiking partner. P.S. Maddie left last Sunday to head to Angers, France for the summer and she has her own blog with pretty French photos and cool adventures here, you should definitely check it out. It’s all dreamy. 

I hope our little adventures inspire you to go on some of your own too. The world is so grand and glorious it’s such a shame to stay indoors. Get out there, breathe some deep breaths of real air, feel the blood pump through your veins and remember you’re alive. For me, realizing how small I really am only reminds me just how infinitely grand the things around me are. Don’t take that for granted, instead go take it in. . . and, hey, take a couple selfies while you’re at it! P.P.S. shoutout to my life-saver and my one-true love, my E-shot- without you this hike would not have been possible. XOXO. stay golden and recognize the beautiful, Daryn

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