Aye, aye all you beautiful people! I hope y’all have had the most amazing month of July filled with fun days and lots of water activities and fires at night and s’mores and basically everything I’ve been missing out working a full time job.

That’s right ladies and gents, you heard me- this little lady is a full on, 40-hour week, working girl. While this has been a massive blessing, in that I  get to pay for school (err, hopefully) it’s really cut down on my blogable time, as well as making a small dent in my style. Heads up for anyone starting a “real job” soon, you’re gonna lose lots of motivation to look cute when 1.) you sit behind a desk all day and talk to people who can’t see you and 2.) leave no time to get ready due to your fear of losing any little bit more of your precious sleep.

On the plus side, you’ll feel ultra motivated to prove you still have style when Saturday and Sunday roll around- and with this I’m making a seamless segue into today’s look. It’s super simple, but I’m stoked to share it with you!



Okay, now that’s out of the way can we just talk about how freaking cool this jean jacket is? Like, honestly, I feel like I can kick anyone’s butt when I wear it. It’s got the perfect vintage look, yet it’s actually from Artizia which makes it even more lust-worthy. Luckily, I got to steal this jacket for free from my lovely friend Sanam’s closet, she’s pretty rad and so is her jean jacket.

Here’s another quick piece of advice: become friends with really cool people who have really cool style and let you borrow their really cool clothes, you’re closet will double instantly, no Visa needed!

Now the rest of the outfit was super easy. I just got these super fun and flowy, pleated, black shorts from H&M for FIVE BUCKS the other day and I couldn’t wait to wear them. So, I tossed those on with a simple white tee, that sweet jean jacket, one big ring and a pair of oversized tortoise shell sunnies and tah-dah, instant cool *insert peace sign and smiley face with sunnies emoji*. And quick dance party, GO!

Okay now back to business- it may just be me, but I swear I have suddenly become obsessed with both the word “sunnies” and sunnies themselves. Never, ever, have I ever been into sunglasses, but lately I cannot get enough. Maybe it’s that California sun slowly soaking into my veins or perhaps I’ve finally seen the UV-filtered light? Either way I have officially given in on this whole bandwagon and I am now a massive advocate for any good pair of sunnies to add the final touch to an outfit. Whether you’re actually out in the daylight and need some solid sun-blockage or you’re just trying to pull off the “the sun never goes down on me” look far past sunset, I highly advise grabbing a few pairs to add to your vault!

stay golden and be beautiful,


All Photos By Sophia Criswell

Outfit Info:

pleated shorts- H&M

jean jacket- Wilfred at Aritzia

white tee- Lush at Nordstrom B.P.

sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

nail polish- Essie