She Cleans Up Nice

As promised, I am starting a new series within the blog called, “She Cleans Up Nice”

This is where I get the honor of introducing you to one amazing woman whom, I believe, “cleans up nice.” Now, if you’ve read the backbone of the blog you know that the definition of “cleans up nice” has a lot more to it than simply “stylish”- to make it easy, here’s a list of just what exactly that “a lot more” is:

A woman who truly embodies the spirit of She Cleans Up Nice is a woman who. . .

1.) is confident and comfortable in her own skin and style

2.) holds steadfast in her true beauty and identity in Christ

3.) honors her body by caring for it spiritually, emotionally and physically

4.) loves others fiercely and whole heartedly

5.) and last, but certainly not least, leaves everyone she meets with a bit of loveliness.

I am so excited for this new series and hope that you would all be inspired and encouraged by these incredible women in their style and heart.

stay golden and be beautiful,